JM Petroleum Machinery Group is a Singapore- headquartered company which includes a Singapore-based trading arm - JM Petroleum Machinery Trading Pte. Ltd. and a China-based manufacturing arm ĘC Lize (Cang Zhou) Petroleum Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.

We are engaged to provide a wide array of high quality petroleum related tools/ machineries. Our products include PDM drill, Bypass Valve, Anti-Drop Assembly, Motor, Cardan Shaft, Transmission Shaft, TC Bearing, STB, butterfly valve, strainer, stop valve, stop check valve, check valve, gate valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, storm valve, ball valve, sacrificial anode, carbon steel plate flanges, stainless steel plate flanges, bonnet, casting head, downhole motor tester, hydraulic jar tester, hydraulic bucking unit, mud pumps, well control equipment, well drilling blowout preventer (BOP), theft prevention wellhead & X-mas tree, double channel thermal recovery wellhead equipment, high pressure and anti-sulfide wellhead & sidetracking tools, floating collar, floating shoe etc.

We take pride in our ability to serve our clients to the best of our capacity.  We help unearth the needs of our client, of which we meticulously design the equipments to suit their specific needs.